I tried to forget about them, but they never forgot about me.

The first day I arrive in Cinderhart, my innocent stroll through the woods is interrupted by a gruesome murder.

I see everything, including the savage boys who commit the crime.

Then they seeĀ me.

I run but they catch me, torture me, and vow to kill me if I breathe a word about what I saw.

Now their evil smirks torment my every waking moment.

The feel of their hands constantly ghosts over my skin

And their devilish eyes haunt my dreams.

I’m desperate to move on, to stop living in fear.

I force myself to forget about them, and our dark secret.

It works for a while.

Until I see them again.

Knox, Mason, Silas.

The Serpents of Cinderhart Academy.

They stalk the halls of my new school, untouchable overlords.

They’re worshipped like divine beings, yet everyone fears their wrath.

I’m trapped inside Cinderhart Academy’s walls with them. At theirĀ mercy.

But I’m not the same girl they tormented in the woods.

I have nothing left to lose.

If they keep forcing me into their twisted games, I’m going to play to win.

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Release Date

10 August 2021

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Academy, Bully, Reverse Harem


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