Under Fyre


He was my professor, my stalker…now he’s my captor.


I shouldn’t desire the man who stalked me, who captured me, who’s now holding me against my will.

But I do.

Professor Fyre claims it’s part of my healing, this lust. This fear. But I’m experiencing phobias I never had before. Feelings I’ve never had before.

I want to be normal again. I want to be whole. Gideon told me it’s a process that takes time and pain to complete.

Now I’m all mixed up inside. I don’t know up from down in the dark. I don’t know right from wrong when I’m hurting. And I can’t tell good from evil when love keeps getting in the way.

Submission is my only choice, but it feels so wrong to give up.

To surrender and succumb to his dark needs.

Gideon may be my captor, but in a way, he’s still my teacher.

Because every day he holds me captive and forces me to do those dark things, I learn how strong I really am.

Under Fyre is the second book in the dark stalker romance series, Fyre & Ashes. Mature content – reader discretion is advised.

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31 May 2021

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EBook, Paperback