It’s time to put on my high heels and slow dance with the devil.
Three of them, to be exact.

What do you do when your worst enemies go down on their knees and invite you to the prom?
I said yes because I’m still naïve enough to think that savages can be tamed.
It’s going to take a lot of groveling before I can forgive the Serpents for what they’ve done to me.
I’m hoping this dance is their way of calling a truce.
More likely, it’s a trap. A school dance is the perfect place for them to orchestrate the ultimate public humiliation.
Only one way to find out.

Snake is a DARK college bully romance with mature content some may find triggering. Reader discretion is advised.

Book one in this series, Serpents, is available under an author collaboration series. Simply search for “Serpents Logan Fox” to start binge-reading this dark bully series.

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30 Nov 2021

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EBook, Paperback, Boxset